There is not always the humorous commentary on the pictures from me... and some pictures are no longer posted. Any feedback on how to make this page work easier please let me know. Enjoy!

April 2012 :: Pictures :: Birthday and an Edible Book NEW!!
Novali loves baking and making cakes... and in April she had a birthday... and she flew to Florida for a family wedding. It was a busy month and here are a few pics. Also check out her brother's site for additionl photos as she is in most of those as well as a great big sister!

December 2011 :: Pictures :: Christmas Cave
Novali loves to be crafty, and do things for her brother. Check out this craft she did of making his newly found man cave the envy of the neighborhood (check the link to the blog for more details).

September 2011 :: Pictures :: Epic ND Game
Labor Day weekend we went to her first ND Game and it was one for the record books! Check out the pictures and read the blog post!

August 2011 :: Pictures :: Daddy Daughter Road Trip
We had to get a summer vacation trip done... so a road trip to Oxford it was! Enjoy the pictures a we toured Springfield, IL, Oxford, MS and St. Louis, MO.

July 2011 :: Pictures :: Daddy Daughter Decorating Part 2
The project is done... for her 10th birthday we agreed to decorate her room and paint it turquoise... here is the finished project!

April 2011 :: Pictures :: 10th Birthday!
Well the day has come, Novalí is ten! Enjoy some pictures from her birthday party in Chicago with her family and friends!

February 2011 :: Pictures :: Daddy Daughter Construction
A new project at the house... and Novali jumped right in and helped out. She swung a hammer, measured stuff, and put together a big organizer.

January 2011 :: Pictures :: Being a Big Sister
This link goes to Cruz's site, but lots of pictures of Novali being a great big sister to her little brother and helping out.

Christmas 2010 :: Pictures :: Little Brother Present
These pictures are from the website of Cruz Centellas... thats right, Novali is a big sister now!

December 2010 :: Pictures :: Daddy Daughter Decorating (and pit crew)
Great weekend in South Bend... maybe her last before the baby comes. We spent a ton of time working stuff and snuck in fun in between. We watched Toy Story 3, shot hoops and completed two big projects around the house... enjoy pics of the projects! She is nearly a master electrician now!

October 2010 :: Pictures :: Fun Fall Weekend
So Novali spent her entire summer in South Bend and we never posted pictures! Well here is a fun fall weekend in South Bend. Enjoy!

Easter Weekend 2010 :: Pictures :: Back in Saginaw
The last few years we did Easter in downtown Chicago, well this year we mixed it up and went to Saginaw. We had a power outage, caught up with family, and spent some quality time in the car... enjoy the pics!

Holidays 2009 Part 2 :: Pictures :: The Midwest Tour
For the holidays we celebrated in Evanston, Chicago, Flint, Bad Axe, South Bend and then to Winetka to finish it off with a birthday party. It was a ton of driving, a ton of fun, and glad we got to see so much family.

Holidays 2009:: Pictures :: Centellas Christmas Spectacular
Long time coming... yes we are behind with photos. Here are pictures from the Centellas Christmas Spectacular which included the visit from my mom, and my siblings and their families... all in our house in South Bend.

Fall 2009:: Pictures :: Notre Dame and Football Fun
For the fall we enjoyed several weekends of visitors and fun with Notre Dame Football. Novali learned about tailgating, loved watching the band, and decided she rather cheer for the Chips (CMU) than her father's Broncos (WMU). We had a good time, got a women's basketball game in and also a visit to the soon to be leaving South Bend... The College Football Hall of Fame.

July 2009:: Pictures :: Cooking with Novali
This summer Novali lived in South Bend. She had weekly chores and one of them was preparing dinner. She had a cookbook and she picked the menu, shopped for the groceries and then cooked dinner for everyone. She loved it, and says someday she wants to grow up and be a chef (actually a baker).

June 2009:: Pictures :: Yardwork, Soccer and Father's Day
We are having fun around the new house. Novali loves doing yard work and especially love using the hose and spraying stuff. Summer is off to a good start and she is playing soccer and soon will be moving into South Bend for the summer!

April 2009:: Pictures :: 8th Birthday and Easter Weekend
This year we had a big birthday and holiday weekend all in one. Andres was able to come visit and we had a fun weekend in downtown Chicago.

March 2009:: Pictures :: Spring!
Well March is here and we slowly are getting some spring weather. We had a fun weekend getting some gardening started and planting a new rose bush.

February 2009:: Pictures :: Snowman
We made a snowman and wished that winter would end soon!

January 2009:: Pictures :: Spelling Bee at Carlos Fuentes
Record Indiana snow in January and Novali won her school spelling bee!

Holidays 2008:: Pictures :: Grandparents visit and the Holidays!
Lots of pictures... and this isn't even all of them! It was a great 6 week visit from grandma and grandpa Centellas, the Centellas holidays and lots of traveling.

Oct 2008:: Pictures :: 1st Soccer Game
Finally... some sports for Novali and her first soccer game with her elementary school team.

Aug-Oct 2008:: Pictures :: Several Updates
Several trips to South Bend and the beginning of the school year. Lots of pictures from several different trips.

July 2008:: Pictures :: Big Updates
Fun weekend in South Bend... we made ice cream, made jello, went swimming, car show, rib cookoff and Heather and I got engaged. Now thats a to do list.

June 2008:: Pictures :: Grandparents Visit
Grandma and grandpa were visiting from Bolivia for three weeks... lots of driving and tons of fun!

May 2008:: Pictures :: Memorial Day Weekend
Long holiday weekend in South Bend, IN with Papi and Heather.

March 2008:: Pictures :: Easter Weekend
Weekend downtown Chicago at the Drake Hotel for Easter weekend. Tons of fun!

January 2008:: Pictures :: Bolivia Visitors
My parents trip to the States in January - February.

Holidays 2007:: Pictures :: Holidays
Christmas and New Years Fun.

Thanksgiving 2007:: Pictures :: Trip out East
Novali's first flight... our trip to DC to visit with Andres and Miguel and everyone out there for the holidays.

Fall 2007:: Pictures :: Random Events
Lots of fun to be had in Michigan this fall! Labor kicked off some fun traveling and events and the following trips were even more fun! Check out all the pics!

Labor Day 2007:: Pictures :: Long Weekend
It was my birthday and a great weekend with Novali and Heather. We got to relax, play Putt Putt and get Novali's favorite food... Buffalo Wild Wings!

June/July 2007:: Pictures :: Summer Vacation
For details read the blog... its linked on the picture page. It was a fun summer vacation with the entire Centellas family. Its rare for us all to get together but when we do we have a grea time together.

June 2007:: Pictures :: Kindergarten Graduation
I didn't know it was going to be such a big deal... but they got robes and a big event at school with singing and dancing and the whole nine yards. It was a lot of fun and the video of the event will be shown for many years I am sure. Enjoy the pics.

June 2007:: Pictures :: Trip to Wisconsin Dells
As a pre-graduation gift we went to Wisconsin Dells for a weekend get away. It was a ton of fun and for sure something we will need to do again someday! It was a great little town with a million things to do!

May 2007:: Pictures :: Memorial Day in Michigan City NEW!!
I wanted a fun Memorial Day vacation with Novali... the weather threatened to rain us out of a good time. We managed some fun rainy day activities and also even got some sun over the weekend.

April 2007:: Pictures :: Easter and PreBirthday
For Easter Weekend Heather and I went to Chicago to do an Easter/Early birthday celebration with Novali. We also got to see Miguel and the McGurn family which was great.

December 2006 (2):: Pictures :: Holidays
Happy New Year... last pictures for 2006, and the first photos of 2007 in the same post. It was a great holiday time with the Gomez and Centellas families.

December 2006 (1):: Pictures :: Wedding
The first weekend of December my Brother Miguel got married. Novali got to be in the wedding and it was a great time. Check her out at the famous flower girl!

November 2006 :: Pictures :: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving, trip to school, new winter coat, and her first big home christmas tree with her mom. It was a good month.

September 2006 :: Pictures :: Labor Day Weekend.
I had Novi for the Labor Day weekend and we had a ton of fun. It was my birthday weekend and she woke me up on my birthday yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

July 2006 :: Pictures :: Random Summer Pics.
Some random visits to Chicago. One when we avoided the heat.... one for fathers day, one to just hang out... its been a fun summer! I also got to visit her summer school room.

May/June 2006 :: Pictures :: Michigan Memorial Day Trip.
We had a great time... my parents took Novali to Canada for a Safari, went up north to visit my grandparents, and Andy came to visit. It was a ton of fun.

April 2006 :: Pictures :: Novali is now 5.
So Novali is now 5 years old... wow the time flies. Tamara had party for her at her new apartment and it was a lot of fun. Lots of family on both sides was able to come and we had a great time, good food, lots of presents and a great cake!

December 2005 :: Pictures :: Centellas Christmas
Because grandma and grandpa would be in Bolivia, Centellas Christmas came early this year. It was a short weekend.... and a ton of driving, but we all had a good time and I know grandma Centellas loved having a full house for the weekend!

November 2005 :: Pictures :: Thanksgiving
I took Novali to Saginaw for a big family Thanksgiving. Miguel cooked a ton of food from all over the world and we had a ton of fun. We will be back in two weeks for Christmas!

October 2005 :: Pictures :: Halloween!
This was my first year going Trick or Treating with Novali and it was a ton of fun! We went to the mall and she was the most beautiful fairy ever!

July 2005 :: Pictures :: Michigan Vacation
I had Novali in Michigan for nearly two weeks, 13 days to be exact. Man it was a ton of fun. We went to Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor Art Fair, Saginaw, Gladwin, and of course with me in Albion. Enjoy the pics!

April 2005 :: Pictures :: Four Years Old!
April is a big birthday month in the Centellas family. So my parrents, Miguel and Andres went out to Chicago to celebrate brithdays (Miguel, Dad and Novali). We had a great time and I can't wait to take Novali to Michigan this summer!

February/March 2005 :: Pictures :: Around
I have been doing a lot of driving lately and traveling. So planning my trips to Chicago have been hard. I did some Thursday to Saturday trips... visits between my conferences, and then Tamara was able to make a trip to Albion. Enjoy the update!

Christmas 2004 :: Pictures :: In Saginaw!
Man what a trip... so many new things, places to go, things to do and eat. It was a lot of fun... can't wait for the next trip to Saginaw!

Halloween 2004 :: Pictures :: Trick or Treat
I did not get to see Novali for Halloween, I will be out there this coming weekend. She was very excited about being Snowwhite and going out. They went to a Mall for trick or treating and she had a great time. Next year... she is Trick or Treating with Papi.

August/September 2004 :: Pictures :: Fall has Begun
This time I got Novali in Michigan for 9 days! The longest trip yet. It was hard because my abuelito is in the hospital but she was a good fun break from the hospital and her energy helped everyone else. We had a blast, from Kalamazoo, McDonlads play land, to the pool, or especially her new Barbie bike. She was living it up!

July 2004 :: Pictures :: Summer Updates!
I got some fun trips to Chicago with her so far this summer. Being in Oregon means I will get to see her less, but my times out there will be fun. She is extremely funny now with all the little things she does and I love talking on the phone with her. The two pages are from different visits.

April 2004 :: Pictures :: Happy Birthday!
She turned 3! I can not believe it has been three years already. We had a nice party at Chucky Cheese with lots of family and friends showing up and Novali had a great time. She gots tons of gifts and I want to thank everyone who was able to come.

February 2004 :: Pictures :: Monsters Inc.!
We went and saw Monsters, Inc. on Ice and she loved it... well kinda. She was expecting the movie and got a different show. After a while she was willing to let the fact that it was not the movie go and she enjoyed the show on ice.

Thanksgiving 2003 :: Pictures :: Novalí in Michigan
Hermen, my fraternity Brother, joined me on this trip. We went downtown, watched a movie and ate some good Mexican food. Overall a great day trip! This time Hermen and I wore Novalí out, usually she wears me out and I need a nap before home.

November 2003 :: Pictures :: Hermen and Papi Downtown
Hermen, my fraternity Brother, joined me on this trip. We went downtown, watched a movie and ate some good Mexican food. Overall a great day trip! This time Hermen and I wore Novalí out, usually she wears me out and I need a nap before home.

October 2003 :: Pictures :: Papi in Chicago
I got a lot of pictures this time. She had gotten to be so big. She does not stop talking and loves to show you all her toys and new things. It was a fun day for me, and I am glad we got to just play together all day. It was great.

September 2003 :: Pictures :: Vist to Chicago for Dad.
There have not been a lot of new pictures for a few reasons. First off I lost my camera in July when I was in San Francisco, then because I was not able to get out there very regularly lately. But I was there on Friday, and took a few new pictures to post.

July 2003 :: Pictures :: 4th of July in Michigan.
This trip to Saginaw was extra special. First off Tamara and her mother came along as well. Then Andres came from Philly to surprize mom and dad. So it was a nice visit at home and we even got up to the lake as well.

June 2003 :: Pictures :: Vist to Chicago for Dad.
I went out to Chicago during the week cause my weekends have been busy racing and what not. It was a good trip, good weather and a fun day at the park with Novali. She is a great climber, and loves the slide! I forgot my camera when we went to the park... but I got some new shots of her at the house.

May 2003 :: Pictures :: Memorial Day Weekend in Saginaw
Well Novali was a ton of fun in Saginaw over Memorial Day weekend. We went to the Zoo, had a family over, and played with Grandma and Grandpa Centellas all weekend long! Can't wait for the next trip!

May 2003 :: Pictures :: Tamara's Graduation / Mothers Day
Tamara graduated on Mothers day! The Friday before UIC hosted a reception for Latino graduates. There are pictures from the dinner, a quick trip to NIU on Saturday and the Sunday graduation and family Mother's Day dinner.

April 2003 :: Pictures
These are pictures from before and after my California trip in April. I was in Chicago for one day before and after my trip. I kept Novali from day care, she had more fun with dad anyways.

March 2003 :: Pictures
In March my parents came to Chicago and got to hang out with Novali for an entire weekend. Here are pictures of the trip, at the hotel, shopping at the Water Tower, and even a little swimming.

February 2003 :: Pictures
Some pictures of Novali, Tamara and I on a shopping trip. Some pictures with her grandma Gomez and great grandma Escribano. Here you can really she how big Novali has gotten.

January 2003 :: Pictures 1 , Pictures 2
The first page just has some random shots of her around the house, at GVSU, and Christmas. Page two has pictures from Novi's trip to Michigan when my parents returned from Bolivia.

December 2002 :: Pictures
Some pictures of her during the holidays in Chicago.

September 2002 :: Pictures
Here are the pictures of Novali's baptism and my parents trips to Chicago. It was a beautiful day and Novali had a great party outdoors.

August 2002 :: Pictures
As many of you know Novali wore a helmet to help reshape her cranium. Her are some fun pictures of her one of her trips to the doctor.

July 2002 :: Pictures
In the summer Novali came to visit me a few times. Here are some pictures from one of her visits to Holland. My mother came and stayed with me and it was a great week with my little Novali and my mom.

June 2002 :: Pictures
Pictures of my graduation from WMU. My grandparents rarely get to see Novali so it was nice to have more of the family around.

April 2002 :: Pictures (IL), Pictures (MI)
Novali's first birthday. She had a party in Kalamazoo with the Centellas family and one in Chicago for the Gomez family and friends. She had a blast at both... and got way too many gifts.

February 2002 :: Pictures
Just some random shots of Novali in Chicago with Tamara and the Gomez family. She is starting to walk around now.

December 2001 :: Pictures (MI), Pictures (IL)
The first page is pictures of Novi in Michigan celebrating Christmas with the Centellas family. The next page is her with the Gomez family in Chicago.

November 2001 :: Pictures
These are mostly pictures from Novi's trip to Saginaw for Thanksgiving with the Centellas family. We went to Frankenmuth and had a good time seeing all the Christmas stuff out.

August 2001 :: Pictures
This was the first time the entire Centellas family got to see Novali. the family came for a weekend and we took Novali in the pool, and then later the family went to a Chicago Fire soccer ga
me. It was a great weekend.

Summer 2001 :: Pictures
Some events and visits with Novali during her first summer.

May 2001 :: Pictures
My parents went to Chicago shortly after Novali was born for Easter. Here are the pics from that visit and some others from just after Novali was born with family members.

April 2001 :: Pictures
Little Novali Alexys Centellas was born on April 10th, 2001. Check out pictures from just minutes after she was born!



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