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The rims are back on, and she is back in summer shape. I have a long list of things I want to get done this summer and I am excited to have some time to work on the car. I already got one good weekend in of working on the car.

Picture number one there was when I was cleaning my rims beofre putting them back on the car. I got the drive way all wet and this picture just happened. Well... maybe I posed it a little. She rides even stiffer with the bigger wheels.. but she looks hot!

Just a shot with the rims on. They are a pain to keep clean but I enjoy washing my car and keeping her looking good.

The third pic is me working on installing the neon lights. This has been something I wanted to do for a long time and finally found the time to do it. I was working on the audio and doing wiring so I figuredI would get this done as well.

I got all the audio in, not in the custom box like I wanted but it will do for now. I used the box Team PLP built for Ramiro's Honda and figured how much space I have to mount everything.

The pic with door panels off is me putting passive crossovers on my other speakers. In order to be able to really get the volume up on the audio I need to be able to turn up all the speakers so I need to block the bass to the smaller speakers. The fronts are a pain because I need to remove the entire door panels. After a little fussing... and losing screws I got all four of the bass blockers in.

The sub box was not made for my car, it was made for a sedan. I did find a unique way to mount it and I think it loks cool like that. I am thinking about building a similar box and maybe mounting the amp right in front or putting some midrange and tweeters on that flat front panel.

The last two pics also show the neon inside the car. It turned out pretty well and I have to figure out an easier way to run the wires once I get the rest of the trunk trimmed out.


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