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The work for 2003 is done.I got most of the final things I wanted done this year and she looks good. In the next few weeks once it starts to get very cold and close to snow I will put on my winter rims. I never got the trunk box done, and I am not sure I will be able to get to it this year.

I was not able to remove the coilovers and replace them with the Gen2 Hypercoils I ordered.Some of the OEM hardware needs to be replaced before I get those springs in place.

The KYB AGX adjustable shocks have been installed. I did not think that the adjustable shocks would make such a large difference but they do. I makes the car handle so much better, I can feel all the bumps in the road and really be in control of the ride. The sway bar bushings were all also replaced.

Audio, as I mentioned is way behind schedule. I am trying to find the time to trim out the trunk and get the boxes built for the subs. With cold weather approaching, and I have no garage means working outside is too difficult now. I will see what happens.

The vinyl graphics turned out well. Speedwise covered the cost of the windshield banner for me, and I got all the small logos of brands I use on the side of my car. The logos are done in the carbon fiber look vinyl and I really think it looks great. I am still planning on using some of the vinyl to make some small graphics on the front of the car.

Custom work. I love doing custom things to the NX. I decided to paint my taillights all red and get rid of the orange parts. I also painted the front side markers red, and replaced my front turn signals with Fonque clears. The changes to the lights really give the car a nice clean look.

Nothing new on the interior for now. I did order a Momo Thunder steering wheel that I am not planning on putting on until the spring. But maybe I will get motivated and do the work to get it on there.

Yes Team PLP is done for the year. Hermen got the Polk Sub and Kenwood Amp hooked up. So he is rolling on 20s with some bump! Looks good. He plans to put his winter wheels on soon as well. He got the Team PLP logo on his trunk as well!



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