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Well here are some pictures I took of all the work I have done on the interior. There is a lot more I need to do, but for now she is looking pretty good already. The interior work so far I have done myself.

For the future I am looking to get some racing seats in here soon, the fabric on the door redone, paint the door trim to match the dash, and some subs in the trunk. I also need to get a new steering wheel.

I really like MOMO interior parts as you can tell. I even got the floor mats. Too bad the aluminum piece on there is already getting all scratched up.


JVC Head Unit is routed to all new Polk speakers in the doors and rear factory speaker locations. I plan to get some tens in the truck this summer.

Custom painted dash trim is done with a dark grey/titanium looking color. I used some silver as well around the shifter to set off the silver in the JVC head unit and MOMO shifter.

MOMO Combat Shift knob and MOMO shift boot. Details below.


MOMO parking brake Knob and MOMO parking brake leather boot. It fits okay now, but this summer when I pull the console out I will be a little more tricky on how I set that up.


Zoomed in view of the shift knob and leather boot. There is an OBX short throw shifter under there as well.

I have the new leather boot wrapped around under the existing bezel. I plan to make a new bezel to custom fit this new boot soon.



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