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I finally got my new shift boot install done. I posted a great write up on it on the forum I belong to so I assume some people will be copying my set up pretty soon. But the best form of flaterry is imitation, so I welcome that. Of course I do! Check it out, I think it turned out pretty cool.




The Nissan needs paint. So to save money Rayos Racing (Hermen and I) did a lot of the work ourselves.

First we stripped the entire car of all the emblems, moldings, trim, and other parts I wanted to get rid of for the final car.

That means we pulled off the rear wiper, side antenna, wiper nozzle on the rear and the facory rear spoiler. Those holes along with the rear key hole will all be filled in and no longer there to give the car a cleaner look.

Next we worked on some of the rust and simple body scratches in the car and threw down some primer on the car. She looks real sexy in primer... believe me!

We did the hatch and roof line first, then primered the rear and followed that up with primering the sides. We did not do the front of the car thought since it was pretty straight and did not need much work.

We sanded and touched up a few areas and then started looking for someone to paint the car. I got someone recommended by TJ over at Speedwise (the new import shop in Holland).

Look out next time, Rayos Racing will be at the track, with paint, and ready to seriously compete... Well at least look better then last time!



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