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FIRST RACE: Furrin Group AutoCross
Well Rayos Racing (formerly known as Team LB Performance) ran its first race on June 7th, 2003. We did very well and if you want information on the day of racing check out my Blog from that date.

I want to post some more pictures from the race and commentary on how it went for me and the future of Rayos Racing.

We got there very early for our first race. Wanted to help set up the course and be sure I knew what I was going to be doing when racing.

I was surprized at the amount of cars that entered their stock cars but it also made me feel better about the Nissan not being a super Turboed machine. She was in primer which caught the attention of most of the people there.

I ran some very good laps. I think better then expected from a first timer. We ended up 10th out of 12 cars in my division, not to bad (we were 5th out of 12 one run).

The course was not too complicated, and there were several other novice drivers in other divisions. So I was not allone out there trying to learn the ropes.

It was a great day, ran some good times, blew up my exhaust pipe and learned a lot about racing.

Rayos Racing will be back in action on July 19th at GVSU during another race sponsored by the Furrin Group Sportscar Club (of which I am now a member).

By the time of the next race, I hope to have my racing seats in, paint on the car, and if I really get lucky some new suspension modifications as well.

Look out next time, Rayos Racing will be there and ready to seriously compete.!



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