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The seat and suspension (coilovers) took way too long to install. The shop (Speedwise) took way too long to get my seats done, over three weeks just for the seats. They finally got the Momo Rookie seats in, they look great and really make the car feel like a race car.

The coilovers make my car really low, the front is only a few inches off the ground. I am trying to figure out if I want to ride it that low or get new springs

As you can see the paint job is done. I think it looks great, the body work was straight, and with all the emblems and stuff filled in it looks slick.

Yesterday I got the trim all back on the car, broke a few clips but she is back together (with the help of some silicone). She looks nice and complete, just need to get my turnsignals back on and wait for my clear turnsignals to come in.

I am getting the rest of my suspension parts now. Ordered the KYB AGXs, and deciding on if I will replace my coilovers with nice sport springs now, or wait until spring. I think I need the new springs now.

My audio is all together, just not installed. I have two Polk Audio 12s, a Kenwood 800 Watt Amp, and a Kenwood Sirus Radio tuner that need to go in soon.

Vandenberg stereo in Holland I think will handle the install, they can build a custom trunk setup and boxes. I am not planning on moving the battery to the trunk anymore. The audio is the last thing I will get done this fall.

Since the suspension and audio still need to be done the NX will be back in the shop soon I will not get too used to having her around. I can't wait for this project to be done!


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