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Monday, December 10, 2007

Paper and lace

With the Christmas season here, I have been busy and have been trying to be creative. I have been helping with the children's Christmas preparations; we will be having a service on the evening of the 23rd with the children singing and dramatizing the Christmas story using some music I have put together. There is a song, A Manger in the Shadow of a Cross ,that I have translated and we will be presenting as our final piece. I am also teaching our congregation some Christmas carols as part of our worship time on Sunday. So I'm busy. Yesterday our ladies group had their meeting. We made angels out of lace. Thanks to Heather, I found a great site on the internet with crafts and so I found these cute angels to make out of lace, using a button for the face (if any of you readers know of good craft sites, please let me know). The ladies each made two, one for themselves and one for the Christmas tree we will be decorating as part of next Sunday's service.

I also found a craft for simple paper angels which the children will make next Sunday. But then I got to thinking, why not make an entire nativity scene out of paper? So I shopped for unique paper, used all the creative juices I could muster, put aside housework for two days, and cluttered the dining room table with ribbon and paper until I had it finished.


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