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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Here's another: two for the price of one!

For my regular readers, if there is such a thing, remember a time back I did 'two for the price of one'. well, here's something similar. But it is not only two BLOGS, but also two new CENTELLAS. Yes, I was jumping for joy upon word that Javier Enrique had finally arrived. I think the nights of awaiting the phone call made the tension mount. But interestinly enough that night we got TWO phone calls. Our nephew and his wife, David and Veronica had been expecting their first son with the very same due date as Miguel and Kate. So when I called them to check on how they were doing and to relay the message that Kate was finally in labor. David's response was , "We're in the hospital too." So we got TWO phone calls during the middle of our night. What a joy for both of them. I am not posting a picture of Javi becuase I'm sure most of you have gone or can go to Miguel's web a But i'll try to get a picture posted here of David and Veronica taken their first day home.
But I also want to take a moment to introduce you to family friends that visited from the STates, from Washington , DC area. They came over the holidays and it was so much fun visiting and getting reacquainted with their children whom we hadn't seen in about 10 years. To my great surprise, Amparo, the 26 year old daughter, DROVE in Santa Cruz her 2nd day here. I couldn't believe it. Her cousin Felipe loaned her his car and off she went with her family to discover the joy of driving in this crazy metropolitan area. People say that anyone who can drive in Santa Cruz must have nerves of steel and can drive anywhere in the world. Hats off to you Amparo!
I'm not sure I'll get the photos posted as we're having trouble with our computer, but i'll try. Our holidays were finalized with this visit of two couples actually from the states, two of Lea's sisters and their husbands and Lea's father.
Now it's time to rest a bit and get ready for the big trip to the US and all the joys of being with family there.


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