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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Centellas Fishing Contest

Just had a 'great?' idea. I'm getting really excited about getting up to Gladwin and seeing the family. I think we can hold the first annual Centellas fishing contest. Let's see, we need some categories: first fish caught, largest fish, and best fishing picture. So get your cameras and poles ready. I think Novali and Raquel would have won two of the categories for sure last year. Novali had a great fishing video and Raquel, I think, got the largest fish. Can't remember who got the first one. Maybe I did?????
This may be my last blog on this site. Got to talk to Sam about updating or redoing. Most of the sites here are all but retired. Andy's coffee is getting stale, Raquel hasn't the time and Miguel has moved. And I bet people are wondering about Oscar??? So time to re-do or move out, I'm thinking.
Daniel just finished up a tennis tourament. 4th place....lost his first game (to an 18 year old) so that moved him down in his ranking....
Everyone check out MIguel's site; some great pictures of Javi's Christening. Leave a comment so I know you read this and tell me what you think about a fishing contest.


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