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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Counting the Days

It is now less than 30 days before our trip to the States. So we are starting to think about what we need to get done before we go and thinking about what we'll need to take.
I have had to get a new passport; mine is tied up in Bolivian immigration. That item had to get checked off first. Still don't have the passport but it should come in a week or so.
Next on the list is my teeth. The dental chair is a torture chamber and I reluctantly climbed in today and got sentence - that I already suspected. So that will take some time until I suffer enough at the hands of Dr. Drill.
Just before we leave, our church is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Daniel and I are both busy with that. Daniel, of course, working hard to see that the renovations are completed on time. We are still waiting for a few tiles to be laid.
In the meantime I am helping with the children's activities and women. The floor tiles came in nice size boxes. Do any of you remember the diarama you made in school? The 3-d stories made in shoe boxes? Using the empty tile boxes we have challenged the children to make a Bible story scene. WE are awarding 3 prizes according to age groups and the boxes will be on display for the anniversay celebration. (Of course, I had to make one as a sample, and that took all of one day - a great excuse not to clean house!) Today Daniel and I went out to look for prizes. EAch child will also get a small token prize just for entering. I really enjoy doing fun things with the children! I usually teach Sunday school about one or two Sundays a month when any of the teachers has to work or cannot be there.
With the ladies group we have made little momentos for the anniversary. I was able to find miniature clay pots that we have decorated with silver ribbon and an anniversary announcement.At our last meeting we made 100 of these little favors to be given at the celebration which is June 1.
This Sunday with the ladies we will be going out into the homes of the neighborhood with a tract and an invitation to attend church. The church, by the way, is looking really nice, we a new floor and entrance - very inviting.
Daniel is busy with his stamp collection, working on it most nights while we watch TV. I have been busy putting together three books for my grandchildren. Two are finished. Yet, I think I'll want Miguel's help to make them more published looking if we have time this vacation. (Thanks, Miguel)
Swimming has been postponed for a week due to cold weather. It has been in the 60's for quite a few days and the water is too cold. I have worked up to 30 laps!
Thanks for reading this long blog.


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