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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Party Time

I'm having fun getting ready the party for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. We decided to host it, thinking Daniel, Ed, and John would have to get it ready with me being in Bolivia. But things change and so now I get to spend time on this. I love it! Any excuse to get out and shop and plan! Actually it's hard to believe my parents are completing 60 years. They seem quite young to have been married that long. They are still very active and spend so much time being of help to others. I know I certainly appreciate the support they so willingly give our family. I guess for that reason I feel that planning this party (actually a little picnic) is so worthwhile. It's like trying to give back in some small way. I'm glad my parents have been there for me all these years sharing both the good and hard times. (I'm glad it is not a surprise party, becuase they are probably going to read this).
I hope one of you guys when you come home and help me post some articles on this blog. I read a great articile about U of M and affirmative action and the mushing of ethnicities that I wanted to post here, but not sure how. If I don't lose the article in the meantime I'll see if it can be posted. It's an editorial by a hispanic columnist that echoes what I believe our family would affirm.
I'm toying with doing some writing, but not sure I want to tackle the size of the project I have in mind. In other words, do I feel strongly enough about this to put the time into it? The National Writing Project, of which I am a member, is hosting a writing get away in the UP this fall. If I decide to go ahead with this I may just take off and let myself be inspired by the breathtaking fall hues that northern Michigan heralds. But then again, I may not get much writing done as I dreamily ponder the gorgeous colors and crisp autumn air.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

First week

Well, it is exactly one week since I started vacation and cancelled my trip to Bolivia. It hasn't been an easy decision and the travel warning is still in effect. But I have been busy. Thursday the pool lining was installed and so I was there to help monitor that. Thursday night Daniel experienced some sharp arm, shoulder and breathing pain very suddenly. Hadn't let up Friday so he called the Dr. who sent him over to the ER. As she explained to me...'when you get YOUR AGE there is too much chance it could be a heart attack. Oh well, so Friday afternoon and early evening (as soon as I finished helping Kelly get Valerie in to a doctor for a very nasty abcess) I was up to the hospital with Daniel. Everything seemed to check out so they sent him home to rest the weekend and try to settle the pain. I was itching to get the yard back in order, but we just had to be patient. Kelly had surgery on Tuesday and so Monday I helped her get some paper work with the state filed and her blood work and then Tues I was up to the hospital. During her surgery, the power went out at the hospital, a fire in an air vent and an elevator stuck. So it was an eventful time in the hospital! She had a cyst the size of a grape fruit asperated. So now, the last two days I've been taking care of Valerie so that Kelly can recuperate. So my week home has been eventful and busy to say the least. This isn't exactly what I had in nmind for the beginning of my vacation, but God brings into our lives and we must take each day at a time. By the way, Chest exrays on Daniel showed a very small spot on his lung and so the doctor wants to wait three months to monitor that. Of course, in the back of my mind is myexperience with lung surgery, and I trust he won't have to face any of that.
Read in the papers that there is one possible solution for social security - make the retirement age 69! Can't see that! Of course, then it wouldn't be retiree's working at McDonalds. They'd be regular employees.
I don't have anything witty to say....just trying to keep in touch.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

unpacking my suitcase

The news from Bolivia didn't sound good. Roads blocked all over the country and insurrgents creating disturbances. The U.S. embassy in Bolivia issued a travel warning to Americans. So after careful consideration I had to make a decision. It was hard to call Abuelita and tell her. She cried, not only that I couldn't come, but that Bolivia was such a mess right now. If she were not so limited healthwise, I'd tell her to jump on a plane and come here. So l'm unpacking. Daniel and I hope to go when we can, but will go together.
It's extremely warm right now and men are here replacing the lining of the pool. It is hot for those guys outside. I really do have to admire men (and women) who work out in the elements and keep at a hot, dirty job.
I guess this weekend will be dedicated to getting the pool back up and running and the yard cleaned up after the work crew finish.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wait and see

well, I called the travel agent today, to be sure that they know to double check my flights and to call me of an 'unusual' cancellations or changes. I'm also checking the news and we got the Bolivian paper "El Deber" online. We'll call Bolivia tonight to get some advice.
So what to do now? Got a last minute request so must head off to Meijer to pick up something and maybe a few extra Daniel may need as he sits home this next two weeks. When you can't make a decision - just go shopping!
All my papers are graded. Most grades an easy compute - it's just those 59%ers that bug me. Do they deserve an E ? Can I justify a D-? Off course if it's only a marking period grade that's not so pressing, but a semester grade? Now some teachers tell me there is a new way to figure the grade. I tried both ways - for one student the old way gets me 60% and the new 59% . I've got to sleep on that one, especially since this student already failed the first semester. Maybe being out of town looks better than I thought. You may think I'm a coward in facing parents - you're right. Having been a parent in all kinds of situations with my differing children has made me wary (yes, I said wary, not weary, but I guess I have been both! sorry kids)

Monday, June 06, 2005

summing up over 35 years

I just finished writing a letter of presentation - not a resume, but rather a one-page informative piece about who I am with the purpose of an introduction to enhance an informal job search. As I leave for Bolivia (should I still go, Miguel? I might get caught in that march!) in a few days I wanted to have something ready to leave with a few people I want to see about future job possibilities. It was strange putting on one page a summary of my last 35 years. Not sure this defines the inside me, but I guess it defines what my life has been about outside of raising a family and being a wife.
I should probably put this in a blog - side bar? but not sure how to do that and it's too late to try to figure this out.
Had my first 'official' swim in the pool. I jumped in head first last Saturday when Kelly was here with Valerie, but it was cold and I didn't stay long. However, tonight, I swam a few laps, feeling quilty - Daniel was cleaning the pool from the storm debris while I just played and swam. The water is still quite cold and I couldn't stay in too long, but the exhilleration I feel when I swim some laps is something that I certainly enjoy. It's the refreshing plunge, boy doesn't that sound like a commercial for some kind of soda?
Tomorrow is my last day with students. Mostly filing away work, watching movies, and presenting the famous end of the year skits in Spanish. It seems like the last few weeks of school their Spanish gets really bad and I cringe at the gringo pronunciation and dictionary translations. But Wednesday I do grades and close my room.
I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I sing when I'm happy. Strange, I find myself singing at the wheel songs I haven't sung for ages - I just start singing and wonder how I happened to think of the song. Most are old Sunday School or Camp Barakel songs that aren't even sung anymore (at least not in my church), but the songs keep popping out and I smile as I think about the lyrics and the new understanding I glean from them as I sing them now as an older adult. As kids we sang so many songs that have profound truths to them, but seldem did we think about the depth of meaning.
Well, I did the things I needed to do today (on my mental list). I made three loaves of banana bread - two to take with me. And wrote the presentation. I'm nearly ready to go. So I'll go eat my two pieces of chocolate and head to bed. (I found out chocolate is actually good for you! So Andy and Saloumeh - those truffles from Trader Jack were the bomb and I don't even have to feel guilty about eating them - I rationed them - two a day. Two chocolates, set the alarm, and dream off.