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Saturday, December 23, 2006

3,000 Miles and counting

Where to begin? It has been a wonderful last three weeks traveling to see our family and friends. Miguel and Kate's wedding was elegant and yet so much fun. Her family is very gracious and getting to know them and enjoying our family was what weddings are all about. Chicago was a bit snowy but everyone eventually arrived (see Sam's blog) Our princess Novali danced her heart away with all of the family bringing tears to my eyes. Of course, seeing how proud and happy both Kate and Miguel seemed to keep me reaching for the tissues as well.
We also welcomed Ayanna into our hearts with her very rapid birth on December 9. Both baby and mother are doing well, and after seeing the little one, we took off for Florida with Valerie to see my parents for 4 days. (Mom and Dad were not able to come to the wedding due to Dad's heart condition. HOwever, he now has a pace maker and starting to feel better. Of course, the healing was expediated with Valerie there to kiss his 'booboo'.)
We have visitied Sam at Albion, went to my old stomping ground, Spring Arbor, and have had several lunches and brunches with friends and family here and there.
Yes , I know I should have some pictures on this blog, but most of you know me :). Overall we have put over 3000 miles on our car.
We are looking forward to celebrating family Christmas on Dec. 29 here in Gladwin on the lake (no it's not frozen for skating but there is an indoor rink in town where we'll go as a family to help polish the ice) when Sam, Heather, Novali, and Andy will be here along with Raquel, Dennis and their princess 'crew.'
We'll close our visit with Three cheers for Valerie's third birthday and then head back to Delaware with Andy to park the car for a much needed rest.
In case I don't blog again here in the States, will write again back in Santa Cruz, as we look forward to a new year there.
Wishing all who read this a very merry holiday season. May Christ's love warm our hearts and stir us to share His love and care with others.