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Thursday, July 05, 2007

In Michigan

The intense emotions of seeing the family together again are hard to express. It is not easy having all four of our children, three grandchildren, significant others and grandparents all under one roof. Fishing, reading stories, eating together. Both Kelly and Daniel caught a keeper bass and Novali caught and reeled in several small fish and then surprised everyone catching a 13 inch bass all by herself just off the dock. The grandgirls played well together, with Valerie exclaiming that she was going to tell her daddy that she needed to hurry and get as big as Novali so she can read and open and close the car doors all by herself, too.
Of course nothing is stress-free and we do have the confusion of so many different personalities to relate to keeping lines of communication open and understandable, and we also have several business and medical situations to tend to in between visits. Daniel is scheduled for surgery on Monday the 9th - a scope and scrape of his knee.
I wondered how I would feel after seeing everyone again and wondered if I would be hesitant to return to Bolivia, especially since Daniel's mom has passed away. But I think we are finding a new pattern of life and I do not hesitate to return even though I do miss my children and grandchildren. But with phones, internet and a web camera we plan to install, we really can share in their lives. And we have had such a wonderful time during this trip we know we will have the same on subsequent visits - Intense times of sharing that maybe would not be the same if they were routine and everyday.
A word of appreciation for those who have helped so much to make this visit successful. Sam and Andy who worked hard to make flight and hotel reservations. Heather who helped with our car arrangements. All the kids who sacrificed time to come to the Lake just to be together and especially the warm hospitality of grandma and grandpa who have opened their home, even when it was bursting at the seams.