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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Last dip?

tonight I did my laps in the pool, maybe for the last time since it is getting cooler at night and the water isn't quite as warm - 74 degrees tonight. Soon the leaves will be falling, the plants dying and me quietly sighing over a pile of papers to grade.
Read my sons web logs - Andy where are you? Sam, I tried reading your posts and posting to you, but for some reason I couldn't get into the comments. I love reading the posts. I realized that I missed saying 'good bye, good luck' to MIguel as he heads off to a conference and job searching. I pray for each of my children in the morning, praying that God will touch their lives so that in turn they can touch others, each in their (his/her) own unique way.
Raquel, close to home - can't get much closer when she moves right in - starting to seem more settled as she prepares to take a career class at Delta. A big new step for her. In between going for appointments, testing at Delta, paperwork, etc. she is teaching Valerie so many things - her shapes, colors and standing upside down on her head. When grandpa came home tonight her first words were,' Granpa, your tie is green! '- with no prompting. So I also understand the delight Sam has when he hears Novali's voice or receives her surprise letter.
I have a very comfortable student teacher who speaks Spanish well and enjoys our interesting mix of students. So soon I should get more relief time to ease my load of about 170 students in four different class loads and six classes. ( I started out with 190 students! more than I've ever had in my life. ) 10:30 is my deadline - so I'm off to bed!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sinking into the routine... help, SOS

I need to be rescued from the excuses of no time for writing. In the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to enjoy my last few days of vacation and yet at the same time get ready for a new school year. The two don't mix. So I end up day dreaming, opening text books to just stare into space, wasting time, snoozing. I've let even e-mailing friends and blogging fade.
So here I am after a long day at work. Language Arts workshop from 8 - 10:00, Socratic Thinking workshop from 10:100 - 11:30 and then from 12:30 - 2:30. Working frantically in my room to get it ready for Open House and meeting all the new students which was from 6:30-9:00. I must say Daniel took me out to our favorite quiet restaurante near school, The Panda House for a bountiful Chinese dinner before the open house.
It seems that no matter how much I do to prepare for school, there's always more to do! Right now I have a total of 74 language arts students, divided into 2 classes - one 8th grade and the other is 7th. Three Spanish classes with a total of 73 students. Two independent students who want me to mentor them in high school Spanish. It's hard to say no to these exceptionally bright and diligent students. And my doctor wonders why I don't have time for therapy three times a week? My best therapy is going home, putting up my feet and reading before dozing off to sleep, or perhaps writing this blog.
I am determined to try to be less driven to get everything done, but that is really hard for me. I love putting together teaching materials, but that has got to be different this year. So... don't tell anyone, I pulled out my last two years of lessons plans, and might just be duplicating them. The worst part is I have a student teacher and I want to be the 'perfect' role model for her. Oh, well.
"casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you" I must follow God's role model and care for myself as well. So, I'm determined not to sink into the routine, but rather lighten the load on the boat so that it will not sink.... And that means... I go to bed right now! Good night.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back to work!

Sunday ended Novali's visit and the quick trip by Andy and Sam. Actually on Saturday we had everyone together except Miguel who will be here next weekend. So this summer has been mostly dedicated to family events and visits. It has been a good summer and many laughs shared and memories stored away. These are the things moms 'treasure in their hearts' to ponder on quiet evenings before drifting off to sleep.
Today I started a workshop which will take all week. I guess this will help me get back into the early morning rise and 'shine' routine. It starts the same time as school will start soon - the 18th. Next week I will be heading to the U of M hospital for an evaluation that will probably take most of a day. Some of my post-polio symptoms have worsened and I have definitely noticed some changes in pain levels, energy, and mobility difficultites. (Not that I'm getting any older, mind you! ) So we'll see what they have to suggest there.
Before I close, a big thanks especially to Sam who made the wonderful week with Novali a reality. It was just a blessing to have her with us. It was llike a long awaited dream for us. We hope we can do this every summer. And to Andy, who drove all the way just to spend time with us. I know he's very tired today! Thanks also to my parents for opening their home so graciously - the times at the lake are priceless. I doublt I'll ever be a great grand parent, but if I am I would hope to have the positive outlook they have.