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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Javier Enrique Centellas

We made it! The snowstorm hitting the midwest threatened the skies and certainly made our winter travel out to Pennsylvania a bit harried. But we are thankful we didn't miss any of our connections. So here we are with Kate, Miguel, and little Javier. What a delight to see this grandchild. We babysat all day yesterday as Kate had her first day to University of Delaware. A long day for her with the drive, but Javier was a trooper and we certainly enjoyed him.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

First half of trip

What a whirlwind so far! Of this month trip, we have now done the Michigan/ IL part and have loved seeing family and friends. It was great to have a long weekend with Novali, see Sam's new place and city. He is such an organized mover! Then off to be with our Saginaw family. Raquel and girls are in the process of moving into a new apartment. It was great to play "Cinderella" with Valerie and play ball with Ayanna. As a typical mom, I enjoyed cooking for all of us each afternoon. But I must say my favorite part is always the reading I do with my granddaughters. We treasured "Amahl and the NIght Visitors" with Novali, and re-read so many of Valerie's favorites, especially "Abiyoyo" and "Pete's a Pizza". Soon I will have to start taping for Ayanna and Javi.
We had a great visit at church; coming home to that congregation is always a joy.
So in between seeing brothers, kids, friends, this has been a pretty fun, but emotional time as usual.
Now we are in Pennsylvania with Miguel, Kate and Javi. Kate starts her job at U of Delaware this week so we hope we are going to be of help with them getting readjusted to new schedules. Javi is a precious baby.
I'll now proceed to try to get some pics up, but who knows.