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Thursday, October 26, 2006


To get away from the heat we boarded a plane for Cochabamba, the first city where I lived and the city where Daniel lived for about 10 years. We stayed with Tia Rita, Esther's sister and they enjoyed the opportunity to talk for hours and hours. We reconnected with many friends, some that we hadn't seen for 30 and 20 years. We thoroughly enjoyed a drive around the city by a young taxista that was obviously very proud of the progress that Cochabamba has made. A lovely city, that boasts of many well manacured parks and good roads and highways weaving though both the old and new sections of the 'small' town.
Our trip was too short to see eveyone we wanted to see and enjoy the cooler weather. As we arrived back in Santa Cruz, the hot, humid air like a damp blanket wrapped itself around us. But we plan to return as soon as possible.
The young church that we helped found back in the days when we were first married has continued. Most of us were univsersity students (Daniel was still in college) and now we are all professional - lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc. It was a joy as our dear friend, Toribio, took us to see the site where they are building a three-story building.. The church will have medical, dental, and counselling offices as well as a sanctuary and room for youth activities. They hope to have part of the building finished enough to use in March and we plan to attend the opening services.
On another note - Daniel met with his cousin Gerardo in Cochabamba and they are in the process of deciding whether it will be feasible for Daniel to open an office here in Santa Cruz for his business of installing automatic doors and gates. The market seems wide open here in Santa Cruz. Goodbye retirement?? A new challenge to consider and we'll see what happens.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Door is Open

According to recent blogs and comments, dibs are being placed on our guest room. Come on in; our door is open. We do have space for plenty of company. We have a full size sofa bed in the guest bedroom; we have a full size inflatable mattress that will fit nicely in the living room along with a good size sofa there. And we have the maid's bedroom that is empty and can accomodate a single bed; then if room is still needed our covered patio has room to hang two hammocks. The only place where is there no room is the kitchen! I have been thinking much about how nice it would be to host visitors. For those who want more posh accomdations, we are only a block away from Buganvilla - one of the most exquisite hotels in Santa Cruz. So make your plans and come when you will.
Actually I am getting very much ready for our trip to the States. It is pretty hot here now and I miss family and so look forward to a change of pace and climate.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Check it out!

Hey, take a look! Andres is back on the blog! Happy to hear from you even though the news of his injured leg is not good. Let us all know if and when you may need surgery. Also check out the pictures of Novali without any teeth.
Things have taken an interesting turn here, with a recent 'battle' over a mine outside of Potosi. Twelve dead and over 50 wounded. Things are not looking good for the President and Vice President who seem to spend more time pointing fingers and traveling than working on actual problems. More of the country is opposed to their politial ineptness than in favor it seems. We have bought our tickets home and hope that travel will not be interrupted in any way during this time.
The heat is going strong and I find I get really tired. Thankfully we have obtained a used washing machine and so I really don't need someone to come in and help, especially since the person was not very reliable. It's amazing what Abuelita and I can do together. She has leaned to manage the Swiffer Floor Cleaner I brought. And dusting... she's a wizard.
Raquel, please post a comment indicating where people can go to see your pictures. I always forget how to find them. She has some good pictures of Valerie.
We miss you all and are starting to count the days until we can see everyone again.
Please often ask us about prices. It cost me only $1.25 to have my hair cut here at the house, yet CocaCola costs $1.00 a 2-liter just like in the States.
We are driving now with 2 tanks -0ne of regular gasoline and one of Propane bottled gas. We can switch from one to the other. Natural gas is very cheap here. When will the USA come up with a solution for their dependence on foreign oil. Here the government is promoting and helping with the cost for installing bottled gas.
Abuela sends here love to each one of the family.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

/wedding Shower

The event was probably a first time for most of the guests. I hosted a bridal shower for my nephew David's finance. They will be married the end of this month. The theme was kitchen with games related to that 'dear' place in every woman's home. Bridal showers are not common here and so the idea was new. Our living room was pleasantly packed with 14 women and three little ones present. I enjoyed putting this together and having the female part of our family together along with Veronica's mother and a few friends. David and Veronica make a lovely couple and we are happy for the Christian home that they plan to establish.
If there is anything strikingly different here it is the amount of time the Centellas family spends together. Not necessarily all of the family at the same time, but Daniel and his brothers (and families) spend a lot of time together, just dropping by for coffee or going out for Sunday dinner together. Between family times, renewing old friendships and making new, we are often busy with other people here at the house .
The temperatures are beginning to climb now that Spring has arrived. It is quite hot. We've been in the pool only a couple of times, but as it gets hotter, I will MAKE time to get into some cool water!