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Friday, January 27, 2006

Momma's in a What?

Momma's in a band! Now you know that both Miguel and Andy were in bands and mom's great love of playing and singing... but what's this?
Well, hold on. Our church has decided to begin a praise band and Iwas asked to be the pianist. Two practices so far and I love it! We have three guitarists, and even an enthusiastic former Arthur Hill High drumline member with his full set of drums. The music has been a challenge to me, but somehow I have been able to keep up and even improvise a bit.
There's a new wave of enthusiasm at church as we now have a pastor and have renovated the sanctuary - new seats and carpeting.
So life goes on after teaching... I have joined a ladies prayer group, the church band, and have been busy getting the house ready for market. We signed the contract last night and the realtor was really impressed with the house. Get this! She commented on our lovely new carpet! Thanks, Kevin, for doing such a great job maintaining our more than 9 year old carpet!
Actually I think I need a break from sorting and cleaning the house. And so I've decided to begin studying more technical Spanish as I am contemplating becoming certified to be a court interpretor/translator for the State. The test is in March. I would like to do translation work in Bolivia and this would be a means of brushing up and obtaining some credible credentials.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

a late start

This is my first blog for the new year and you can see that I'm getting a late start. My excuse: Both of our computers died in the last month and we finally have a new Gateway laptop. Also we've been in the process of sorting, moving, rearranging, resorting, and finally tossing many things to get our house ready to show and to start thinking of packing up to move. Wow! We have a lot of stuff and it's hard to decide what to part with. You know, you never need certain things until you decide to haul them off to Goodwill.
But I did have a Bible verse picked out as my verse for this new year as I have begun to study I and II Peter. "Therefore, prepare you minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed." I Pet 1:13. Probably one of the most quoted verses from I Peter is the verse found in this same chapter one - "Be holy, because I am holy," verse 16. That's quite a challenge - or should I say a COMMAND! How do we accomplish that? Well, I believe the key is in that verse 13 with 3 ingredients to living a holy life. 1 - prepare you minds: get the right mindset, keep learning, thinking, delving into ideas 2 - be self-controlled: take responsability for your actions, think (and pray) before you act 3 - set your hope on Christ's return: in other words keep in mind the view of eternity. There is more to life than this existence on earth. Keep things in perspective. I think if we can consciously make an effort each day to practice those things we will live holy lives. Holy is a word we don't use much but it is certainly required of us according scripture. That is one of the major tennants of the Nazarene Church. I pray that I will not settle for less.
Well I'm off to emptying our night stands - the task for today. What shall I do with all those birthday cards from throughout the years?