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Friday, March 30, 2007

Changes and alligator tails

It's been almost a month since I last posted and so many things have taken place which are creating changes in our lives. I'm sure most of you who read this know about Abuelita's falling ill and passing away. That was a tough couple of weeks, with all the trips to the doctor, eventual need to bring her home to pass away. Our home was the hub of so much activity and people, that in all of this we hardly had time to reflect or gather our thoughts and emotions. RElatives stayed for more than a week afterward so hosting guests during this time kept us busy and on the go. It was nice to have Sam here for a week. He was a big help in just being here. Andy came for just a couple of days, since he had already booked flights during his spring break. So we are here now with Andy and Saloumeh and it has been a pleasure showing them around and meeting the family. We quickly prepared our two little bedrooms for them, packing away Abuelita's things.
It has been an emotional time and one that at times, I find hard to understand or capture in words. . Both Daniel and I would like your prayers. We have so many conflicting emotions and matters to attend to that it is easy to get overwhelmed.
But fun times have also been had with our family! We hosted an 'all family' parrillada (BBQ) in our condo club house area. Almost 30 people. Saloumeh fitting in so well, trying out bits of Spanish. A big attraction here has been the alligator farm that Daniel';s brother, Ruben, is building. WE were able to take Sam and this week Andy and Saloumeh. Can you imagine 10,000 baby alligators! The first 'crop' has hatched. Each gator lays about 35 eggs and they have been incubating them and they are hatching! We also ate our first alligator meat. Grilled tail. It was really good - all four of us agreed. Tasted more like pork or chicken breast. I didn't want to touch or hold a baby gator, but I did manage to taste and enjoy the meat. I hope Andy will post some of his reactions to his trip. I promise not to wait so long to write again. Would love to hear from you!